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Art of War

30-40 mins (In development / Available for touring 2016)

Choreography: Jung ah Chung & David Ferguson

Sound/Design/Photography: Miles Lowry


Jung ah Chung

David Ferguson

Eric Hall

Michael Kong


With special thanks to dancers Danielle Baskerville and Hyoseung Ye for their participation in the early creation of the work.

Created with support from Dance Victoria’s residency program.


ART OF WAR is an original Suddenly Dance Theatre work-in-progress featuring dancers Jung ah Chung, David Ferguson, Eric Hall, and Michael Kong. The choreography incorporates balloons, a sharp knife and harmonicas tethered in the mouths of dancers to increase a sense of suspense, peril, and illusion. Though the title refers to the ironically beautiful military strategies of war, as enduringly captured by Sun-Tzu (c. 551-496 BC) in The Art of War: Lure with Bait / Strike with Chaos, Suddenly Dance Theatre’s ART OF WAR portrays an intimate battle.


ART OF WAR previewed at Victoria’s ROMP! Festival 2014 with creation support from the BC Arts Council, CRD Arts Development, and the City of Victoria. The work may be shown independently, in mixed-bill programs, or as a double-bill with another Suddenly Dance work. Available for touring in 2016.

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