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(in development)

an international collaboration

Canada / South Korea

Created by David Ferguson


David Ferguson

Hoyeon Kim

Jungha Lim

Jungeun Lim

Gunwoo Jun

Choe YoungTak

Hyoseung Ye

Min Jin Kim

Jooha Lee

Sound and Design:

Miles Lowry

Length of work: 40 mins

Image: Jungha Lim by Miles Lowry
Suddenly Dance Theatre presents

WE ARE DIAMONDS (in development)

an international collaboration

Canada / South Korea

Suddenly Dance Theatre Artistic co-Director David Ferguson was awarded a 2016 Dance Victoria Chrystal Dance Prize to create a new international collaboration.
The project has evolved over the course of 3 artist residencies in Victoria, BC - changing from a projected live performance to the creation of a dance film. Participation has involved several top South Korean dance artists: Hyoseung Ye, Hoyeon Kim, Jungha Lim, Jungeun Lim, Gunwoo Jun, Choe Yeoungtak, Min Jin Kim, and Jooha Kim.
In July 2018, Hoyeon Kim returned to Victoria, BC with dance artists Jungha Lim, Gun woo Jun, Jungeun Lim, Choe Yeoungtak, and Jooha Lee to capture the work as a dance-film. We continue to work in post-production, with an original soundtrack in development by composer Miles Lowry. 
‘We Are Diamonds’ will be released in 2020. More information and images to come!
Image of dancer using hands as instrument
‘We Are Diamonds’ adds to Suddenly Dance Theatre’s history and connection to South Korea, first developed through an enduring creative partnership with principal dancer/choreographer Jung ah Chung. Suddenly Dance Theatre toured to South Korea twice in 2008 and again in 2015, performing our original works in the major cities of Seoul, Kimhae, Busan, and Daegu. 
The project has developed with continued support from Dance Victoria with multiple rehearsal sessions. While is Canada, our South Korean guests have had opportunity to share works with the public including in-studio showings, at the 19th and 20th ROMP! Festivals in Victoria, the Infringing Festival in Nanaimo, and Dancing on the Edge in Vancouver.

This project has been supported by Blue Poet D.T (South Korea); Crimson Coast Dance Society; Dab Dance Project (South Korea), and from Dance Victoria’s residency program. Special Thanks to Lloyd Howard and Martin Bonham for their support. With thanks and appreciation to: Valerie Lannon, Samuel Binette, Holly Bright, Ken Flett, Marianne Goodrich, Heather Keenan, Bernard Sauvé, Shireen McNeilage, Linda Rogers, and Stephen White.

Work-in-progress showings:
July 9, 2016
Infringing Dance Festival, Nanaimo, BC
Crimson Coast Dance Society
July 15, 2016 
Dance Victoria Studios, Victoria, BC
19th ROMP! Festival of Dance
Suddenly Dance Theatre
July 3- 16, 2017 
Dance Victoria Studios, Victoria, BC
20th ROMP! Festival of Dance, 2-week Creation Residency
Suddenly Dance Theatre
July, 2018 
Dance Victoria Studios, Victoria, BC
 DAB @ Metro Theatre, 2-week Creation Residency
DAB @ Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver
Suddenly Dance Theatre
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Help us provide opportunities for dancers and choreographers to improve in their craft.
Suddenly Dance Theatre is a charitable non-profit society based in Victoria, BC Canada.
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