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These artists form important and regular partnerships through Suddenly Dance Theatre’s programs, often working in a variety of media and collaboration. Like our Artistic co-Directors Miles Lowry and David Ferguson, these artists are highly adaptable, often producers of their own works and others, as well as featured artists in local and international programming.

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Camille grew up in Victoria and trained as a dancer and an actor. She has worked with Theatre SKAM, Lynda Raino, The Belfry Theatre and Suddenly Dance Theatre (Arkana (1994), Angel Bones (1995) and The Human Voice (2000). She spent 25 years in Toronto working as an actor, a yoga teacher, a corporate coach and most recently as a Doula. She moved back to Victoria last year with her family and is delighted to be working with Suddenly Dance Theatre again!

HOYEON KIM is a dance artist living in Seoul, South Korea. He has collaborated with Suddenly Dance Theatre for 7 years, showing his own works with Dab Dance Project in Victoria and Vancouver, as well as creating dance-films LUCKY MAYBE (trilogy) and We Are Diamonds with director David Ferguson. 


LYNDA RAINO is the mother of modern dance in Victoria. She ran her school for 35 years, Big Dance, and created works for Bobby McFerrin, Bolshoi Ballet, with Crystal Pite. She starred in Suddenly Dance Theatre's AGNES B (2010) and will be featured in the upcoming IN A NUTSHELL by David Ferguson.

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CATHY FERN LEWIS is a highly versatile soprano and sound artist. Lewis has premiered over 100 pieces by prominent composers and created her own innovative multi-media works. She was musical director in Suddenly's Dance Theatre's AGNES B (2010) and is in the upcoming IN A NUTSHELL.

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KATHY LANG is a freelance contemporary dance artist in Victoria, B.C.,. She is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, teacher and Artistic Director of SEDA DANCE. Kathy is mentor for Suddenly Dance Theatre's FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Program.

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JUNG AH CHUNG lives in Seoul, South Korea, but has a long history and connection of working in Canada in major works with Suddenly Dance Theatre, as well as Wen Wei Wang, Constance Cooke, Lori Hamar, and others. She will next be seen in LUCKY MAYBE episode III.


DANIEL CARRUTHERS is a Director of Photography based in Victoria, BC. He shot Suddenly Dance Theatre's Bravo!FACT short AISLING (2007), and the outdoor installations OPHELIA (2012) and Rush of Water, Rush of Air (2014). He is currently filming LUCKY MAYBE: Episodes 2 + 3.

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JOANNA HOOD is known as a violist with the Lafayette String Quartet. She is a music arranger and composer. Working with Suddenly Dance Theatre since 2002, she has created music for Nature Ecstasy (2004), Opium (2005), Aisling (2007), Sky Event (2008), Guthrie Swims the Lake (2010), and Rush of Water, Rush of Air (2014).

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PAUL WU trained and worked as a dancer before studying journalism, with a career in broadcast television as a Producer-Director. He has been making films and taking photographs for charities and NGOs for the past 20 years. As Director of Photography, Paul shot Opium (2005) and reunited with Suddenly Dance for Lucky Maybe in South Korea in 2023.

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