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Dear Friends of Suddenly Dance Theatre,


As we all now know, it has become a year about contemplation, evaluation, renewal, safety, and adjustment of expectations. We are charging forward. We have always been a protean company - responsive to change. This is how we have survived for 28 years. We are now, more than ever, thankful to and reflective of all our past and current supporters, donors, volunteers, artists, technicians, funders, and audience members. In the era of Covid-19, our work has been deeply affected with reciprocal international residencies, LIVE performances, and outreach cancelled - thus impacting revenues and the lives of artists.


Nonetheless, we are striving to continue:


- We are currently in production on a new short dance-film LUCKY MAYBE, with David Ferguson remote-directing from Canada with his collaborators Hoyeon Kim and Jungha Lim and crew in South Korea!


- We continue to develop In a Nutshell, a new play by David Ferguson commissioned by the Belfry Theatre starring Lynda Raino.


- We have recently grown our Fountain of Youth Program, aiming to grow new and diverse choreographic voices - such as newcomer Brazilian dancer Vitor Freitas.


- Over the new year, we are inviting feedback from dance makers in our region with Dance Survey 2021 to help plan future performance opportunities. To incentivize participation, $500 will be awarded to a BC dance artist as nominated by survey participants.

We have an urgent need and are asking for your help. Donations at this time are a lifeline to support operations and to sustain our core needs. With your charitable gift, you are supporting a belief that artists are an essential part of Canada’s culture. If you are undecided of where to support, an important monthly payment option managed by CanadaHelps provides valuable operational stability. Donations can be made in a variety of ways: from cash and cheque options, to the links below supporting specific programs.


*Please note: If you want to alter the donation amount of any prescribed link, you may select the QUANTITY tab to do so (for example: 4 quantity x $20 donation =$80).

David Ferguson and Miles Lowry

Artistic co-Directors

Our Monthly Donors via CanadaHelps play an important role in helping to create a valuable sense of operational continuity, sustainability and security. provides a trusted easy-to-use online system so contributions can be distributed over the course of a year.
HELP US sustain our FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Program!
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supporting the PRESENT

a Work Donor supports rehearsals, incubations, creativity


supporting the FUTURE

a Legacy Donor offers majors donations and capacity building


supporting the COMMUNITY

a Vision Donor offers support to the ROMP! Festival and public outreach activities


supporting the ORIGINAL

a Passion Donor supports Suddenly Dance's original works and touring


supporting the OPERATION

a Foundation Donor offers support to the administration and membership