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Suddenly Dance Theatre introduces


Fountain of Youth Program 

In 2020 and 2021, we were delighted to support newcomer to Canada, 21 year-old Brazilian dancer VITOR FREITAS. 


Vitor is from Saquarema, Brazil. He studied contemporary, ballet, and ballroom dance styles with recognized choreographers. His early and growing career back at home offered him great opportunities dancing for TV shows and in a Netflix movie. However, given the growing difficult situation in his home country, Vitor immigrated a year ago to Canada in search of new career opportunities in dance. Vitor is now a student at the Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet, here in Victoria, BC.

Suddenly Dance Theatre's Fountain of Youth Program aims to support dance artists under the age of 26 to build new and diverse choreographic voices. Suddenly Dance Theatre recognizes Vitor's talent and his desire to pursue a career in dancing.

Vitor Freitas 3.jpg

Photos of V. Freitas by: M.A. Garcia Barrera


Dancing Voices, Traveling Bodies

July 16 -18, 2021

SKAMpede Festival 

Downtown Inner Harbour 

As a result of the Fountain of Youth Program, Vitor created a new 10 minute work performed more than a dozen times over 3 days as a part of Theatre SKAM's LIVE Performance Festival SKAMpede.

Dancing Voices, Traveling Bodies reflects how dance artists carry with them a knowledge of the body through borders and over geographies. The work features dancers Vitor Freitas, Elvis Eze and Tessa Charlesworth.

Vitor worked with the support of Dance Victoria's Residency Program and with mentorship from Kathy Lang of Victoria's Seda Dance; along with outside-eye and administrative support by our Artistic co-Director David Ferguson.

This branch of our Fountain of Youth Program has been recharged with the support of the CRD Arts Development, the Victoria Foundation; and our recent 2020 program donors Mauricio A. Garcia Barrera, Samuel Binette, Ken Flett, Janine Hannis, and Carolina Stratievsky.

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Help us provide opportunities for dancers and choreographers to improve in their craft.
Suddenly Dance Theatre is a charitable non-profit society based in Victoria, BC Canada.
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