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Artistic co - Directors 


Canadian artist David Ferguson at the Louvre

David Ferguson is a writer, painter, and producer of dance and film. As a Founding Artistic co-Director of Suddenly Dance Theatre (1992-present) in Victoria, B.C. he has been a producer/curator of numerous collaborative, multi-media projects and dance productions, including the annual Romp! Festival (20x). In 2005, he co-founded Suddenly Media Productions to develop, create, produce, and distribute new media works made for public art gallery, stage, print, broadcast television and feature film. His original works include OPIUM (2005), a made-for-television dance film seen nationally on Canadian Television; NATURE ECSTASY (2007), a silent dance film made for composers; and the Bravo!FACT films AISLING – We Saw A Vision (2007) and GUTHRIE SWIMS THE LAKE (2010). As a writer, supported by The Belfry Theatre’s INCUBATOR/ SPARK! Festival, he premiered his stage play AGNES B (2010). He regularly co-choreographs and performs with dance artist Jung ah Chung, with live appearances in South Korea at The World Dance Stars Festival, Busan International Dance Festival, the Next Wave Dance Festival, the 17th Daegu International Festival of Dance. In summer 2012, the duo premiered their work RUSH OF WATER / RUSH OF AIR, an outdoor dance-film installation in Victoria’s Centennial Square. They followed up with OPHELIA (2014) a dance film projection for an outdoor vertical garden. In 2016, David was awarded Dance Victoria’s Chrystal Prize for an international collaboration WE ARE DIAMONDS which has evolved into a dance-film. In 2017, David launched WITS IN MOTION - a short, youth-engaged dance-film and toolkit for the prevention of peer victimization and bullying co-directed with Miles Lowry. The French version DIRE EN DANSE was released in October 2019. David is currently working on IN A NUTSHELL a new play starring Lynda Raino commissioned by the Belfry Theatre (2025/26 premiere) and LUCKY MAYBE a series of six 20-minute dance-films featuring South Korea's Hoyeon Kim.

Image of Canadian artist Miles Lowry at the Louvre

Miles Lowry is a sound and visual artist, writer and director best known for his vibrant paintings and life-size sculptures which explore the body as an expressive canvas. His works are seen in a wide variety of exhibitions, publications and performances. As an Artistic co-Director for Suddenly Dance Theatre in Victoria, Miles is exploring dance and media with partner David Ferguson through writing, directing and designing for live performance, television, video and multi media collaboration. In 2005 he wrote and co-directed OPIUM for Bravo! Television inspired by French poet Jean Cocteau. In 2007, he introduced the film at Lincoln Centre, in New York. His next two films AISLING and GUTHRIE SWIMS THE LAKE for Bravo!FACT allowed him to also contribute his music and voice to the soundtracks. His music and design were featured in Suddenly Dance Theatre’s touring performances in South Korea for Courtyard for a Bird (2008) and Art of War (2015). Released in September 2017, he co-directed with David Ferguson and made the sound design for WITS IN MOTION a short, youth-engaged dance-video for the prevention of peer victimization and bullying. From 2019 - 2022, Miles helped to reinvent Suddenly Dance Theatre’s Fountain of Youth Program - which aims to support dance artists under the age of 26 for new and diverse choreographic voices. After a residency in 2019 with Ferguson and dance artist Hoyeon Kim at Seoul Dance Centre, in 2020/2021 Miles created the music for LUCKY MAYBE: Episode 1 (2021, 20 mins). The work premiered at the National Arts Centre’s online showcase CAPSULE, at the Busan International Dance Festival, and Dance Camera West, Los Angeles. In 2024, his soundtracks for the next episodes of the series TIGER IN THE CITY and HAENYEO will be released. Paintings, sculptures, limited editions photography, and rarities of Miles' work are available via For more information and artist portfolio visit

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