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Suddenly Dance Theatre presents
Suddenly Media Production
​An international collaboration
Canada / South Korea
20 minutes


EPISODE 1 - "Horangi & Gatchi"

Created and Directed by David Ferguson


Hoyeon Kim

Jungha Lim

Music by Miles Lowry


Hoyeon Kim

Jungha Lim

Jeongyeon Yum

Juyhe Cho

Produced and Edited by David Ferguson

Co-produced by Dab Dance Project


Director of Photography: 

Jeongeun Lim


Yongmin Gwak

Luky Maybe broom.jpg
Video Still: Hoyeon Kim and Juhye Cho in Suddenly Dance Theatre's LUCKY MAYBE

In December 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Suddenly Dance Theatre’s Artistic co-Director David Ferguson captured a new dance-film called LUCKY MAYBE. With his cast and crew in South Korea, the director worked remotely via the internet from Victoria, BC, Canada to create the work. 

Suddenly Dance Theatre’s LUCKY MAYBE (Episode 1) was filmed entirely on location at Wauwoojungsa, a beautiful and sprawling temple in Yongin, South Korea. The two central characters named Horangi (Hoyeon Kim) and Gatchi (Jungha Lim) are inspired by Korean folklore and silent-film era comedy duos. Representing lost nature, old magic and luck, these out-of-time outsiders are out-of-sync in a pandemic world. Created and directed by David Ferguson, and fuelled by a pulsing original soundtrack by Miles Lowry, LUCKY MAYBE muses on global themes about the nature of luck, interconnectivity, and the gamble of life. 

LUCKY MAYBE is the first episode of what is anticipated to be a lighthearted dance-on-film series featuring dance artists Hoyeon Kim and Jungha Lim. Victoria and Vancouver audiences will remember the kinetic duo for their humourous performances in recent years ‘Bomberman’ and ‘First Abundance Society’ under the name Dab Dance Project. 

Luky Maybe gatchi swept.jpg
Video Still: Jungha Lim in Suddenly Dance Theatre's LUCKY MAYBE

Suddenly Dance Theatre’s works in dance-media have reached our greatest multi-cultural audiences nationally and internationally. This has played a crucial role in sustaining a cycle of original works over our 29 year history - whether it be through public installations, silent films made for composer interaction, made-for-television films, or film festivals worldwide.


Our company has a significant history of collaborating with South Korean artists, first developed through a deep creative connection between Artistic co-Director David Ferguson with dance partner Jung ah Chung spanning 15 years. Suddenly Dance Theatre has previously toured 4 times to South Korea, performing our original works at the World Dance Stars Festival (2008), Busan International Dance Festival (2008), the Next Wave Dance Festival (2008/09), the 17th Daegu International Festival of Dance (2015), and in-residence (2019). In Canada, we have presented Jungah Chung, Hyoseung Ye, Hoyeon Kim, Jungha Lim, Jooha Kim, Gunwoo Jun, Choi Yeoungtak, and Namjin Kim, among others.

Lucky Maybe tiger claw
Video Still: Jeongyeon Yum in Suddenly Dance Theatre's LUCKY MAYBE

This episode of LUCKY MAYBE has been supported by:

Dance Victoria’s Chrystal Dance Prize 2020 (via Ferguson) to stimulate international collaboration

Suddenly Dance Theatre

The Canada Council

The BC Arts Council

CRD Arts Development

Arts Council Korea

Dab Dance Project (South Korea)

Seoul Dance Centre

Dance Victoria’s Residency Program


With thanks and appreciation to:

Stephen White, Bernard Sauvé, Shireen McNeilage, Tracy Smith, Dr. Jennifer Wise, and Ziyian Kwan.


Filmed on location in Yongin, South Korea.

With deepest gratitude to Wawoojongsa Temple.

March - June, 2021
Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul, South Korea
 Creation Residency for David Ferguson & Hoyeon Kim
January 15, 2021
Online Zoom Event:
A Preview of the Work-in-Progress
Dance Victoria's Dance Days
Director David Ferguson (Canada) & Choreographer Hoyeon Kim (Korea)
in discussion with Dr. Jennifer Wise 
December, 2020
Episode 1 Filming at Wawoojongsa Temple
Yongin, South Korea
September, 2019 
Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul, South Korea
2-week Research & Creation Residency
July, 2019 
Dance Victoria Studios, Victoria, BC
2-week Research & Creation Residency 

January 6-15, 2022
Dance Camera West 2022
Los Angeles, California, USA

May 3 - Aug 31, 2021

CAPSULE at The National Arts Centre, Canada
60 films by Canadian Artists
hosted by
National Arts Centre/Form/Dumb Instrument Dance

June 4 - June 7, 2021
Busan International Dance Festival
Busan, South Korea
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Help us provide opportunities for dancers and choreographers to improve in their craft.
Suddenly Dance Theatre is a charitable non-profit society based in Victoria, BC Canada.
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