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Dab Dance Project (South Korea)



The World We Met Again

When: SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018

Venue: Metro Studio Theatre (1411 Quadra Street)


Time: 7:30pm (doors open 7:00)

Duration: 60 minutes


Choreography by

HOYEON KIM (South Korea)

ONE SHOW ONLY at the Metro Studio Theatre! BOMBERMAN - The World We Met Again features another outrageous environmental work by HOYEON KIM (South Korea) who returns to Victoria, BC with his Dab Dance Project. If you enjoyed last year's 'In the Melting Pot' at the ROMP! Festival, you will love this darkly comedic dance theatre work in which the dancers inhabit ‘global pollution’ in a gaseous atmosphere - an environment in quarantine. The occupants use an intimate code, self-aware of their own loving and destructive impulses. 

Photo: Hoyeon Kim's Bomberman - The World We Met Again

HOYEON KIM (South Korea)


The World We Met Again

Hoyeon Kim
Jungha Lim
Gunwoo Jun
Stage Art & Costumes:
Choi Yeongtak
Sound & Projection:
Jeongeun Lim

Hoyeon Kim is a dancer and choreographer educated at Yongin University and Korea National University. He performed in 'Theatre of Operations' choreographed by Pierre Rigal from Derniere minute company in France. He has performed 9 works including 'Into thin air' and 'Already not yet' at Korea National Contemporary Dance Company since 2013 and worked on diverse projects with a number of choreographers. His most representative work is '6 degrees' which depicts people who do not feel any guilt as the biggest causes of the environmental destruction. This work was performed at Bulgaria One Dance Week Festival, Bulgaria Atom Theater and Seoul International Choreography Festival. In addition, he choreographed 'Mind control' and 'The something exists’.

The Dab Dance Project:


Based on the idea that all human movements can be danced with experimental spirit, Dab Dance Project  persistently asks the question about 'what is the dance’ while finding importance in communicating relatable social narratives to the audience. The company’s current works are: ”In the melting pot” an environmental work illustrating pollution through outrageous body-humour and dance; and “ Bomber man“ which won the prize at the 'Play Act Dance Art-Tech Film Festival'. The members of Dab Dance Project are Kim Ho Yeon, former dancer from the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, Compagnie dernier minute (France) and Akash Odera Company (England); dance artists Jeong ha Lim and Kunwoo Jeon; Choi Yeong-tak who is responsible for stage art and costumes; and sound and projection artist Jeong eun Lim.


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