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Dab Dance Project
(South Korea)

with Hwa Wei - An



First Abundance Society




When: WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 2019

Venue: Dance Victoria Studios

2750 Quadra Street, VICTORIA, BC

Time: 7:30pm - doors open 7:00

Duration: 60 minutes


Choreography & Performance by




ONE SHOW ONLY at Dance Victoria Studios! 
DAB DANCE PROJECT returns from South Korea to deliver this dance-theatre double-bill. If you enjoyed last year's outrageous 'Bomberman' or 'In the Melting Pot' at the 2017 ROMP! Festival, you will love these two darkly comedic tales. Co-choreographers and performers HOYEON KIM and JUNGHA LIM will present 'First Abundance Society' followed by 'IGNORAMUS' featuring their free-falling guest collaborator HWA WEI - AN.
with Hwa Wei - An


First Abundance Society



Hoyeon Kim
Jungha Lim
Hwa Wei - An
Stage Art & Costumes:
Choi Yeongtak
Sound & Projection:
Jeongeun Lim
‘First Abundance Society’ focuses on the fact that preparing for the future doesn’t guarantee a better quality of life. Some experts say that societies of hunters-gatherers were the first truly abundant societies, with short working hours, rare epidemics and a rich, balanced diet. But not everything stays rosy, and as the boundaries between true and imagined paradise begin to blur, the realities of life and the accompanying work, fears and hopes begin to muddle utopia.
'IGNORAMUS' uses buzzers and LEDs connected to the dancers’ bodies to create a visual and aural world by communicating with patterns based on Morse code. “We’ve grown from carts and canoes to electric cars and space shuttles, but we often have no idea where we're going. And as science gives us more and more power to shape the world around us, down to modifying our genomes - the very make-up of who we are - we need to start asking what we want to want: what our highest ideals of life are, and what we want to shape our future around.”
Ignoramus 5.Photo Credit Bernie Ng.jpeg
Ignoramus DabDanceProject.jpg

Hoyeon Kim and Jungha Lim have been working together and running Dab Dance Project since 2016. Hoyeon Kim worked in Korea National Contemporary Dance Company for 4 years, compagnie dernière minute (France) and Aakash Odedra Company (England). Jungha Lim also worked in Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. In 2017, their work ‘Bomberman’ won the prize for choreography and stage art at the PADAF festival in Seoul. In addition they have performed their environmental work ‘In the Melting Pot’ at numerous festivals in Korea and abroad. In 2018, ’First Abundance Society’ received the Choreography Award from Seoul Dance Collection and the Judges Award at New Dance for Asia.

The Dab Dance Project:

Based on the idea that all human movements can be danced with experimental spirit, Dab Dance Project  persistently asks the question about 'what is the dance’ while finding importance in communicating relatable social narratives to the audience.

Dab Dance Project is currently working with Victoria’s Suddenly Dance Theatre in the creation of dance-films directed by David Ferguson.

Hwa Wei-An

A graduate of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, Wei-An has worked with choreographers such as Pichet Klunchun, Wu Chien Wei, Noa Zuk, Ole Khamchanla, Shahar Binyamini, Gabrielle Nankivell and Luke Smiles, and Sita Ostheimer during his time in school and while working with Frontier Danceland. Now an independent artist, Wei-An seeks to incorporate his love for street dance and extreme sports into his contemporary dance practice. He also organizes an annual event called Paradigm Shift that blurs the lines between contemporary dance performance and street dance battle.


photos: Bernie Ng
'Ignoramus' was co-commissioned by the M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore) and Seoul Dance Connection (Korea) in 2018. This project is also supported by Dance Nucleus (Singapore) and MyDance Alliance (the Malaysian branch of the World Dance Alliance). 'First Abundance Society' is presented with the support of Arts Council Korea; Suddenly Dance Theatre; and the CRD Arts Development. With support and thanks to the Artists, Donna Spencer and Dancing on the Edge (Vancouver). Special thanks to Dance Victoria for their ongoing support and Residency Program.

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