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(currently in English and French)


Suddenly Dance Theatre has created a new toolkit for conflict resolution in collaboration with the WITS Programs, the University of Victoria, Suddenly Media Productions, and six young performers. This online education initiative features a non-verbal dance-film - now available for streaming to parents, caregivers and educators everywhere at The film promotes positive relationships, peaceful resolution of peer conflict and the spectrum of social emotional learning skills. There are no words in the film so it speaks to everyone. ​


Suddenly Dance Theatre is working on expanding the language-base and distribution of WITS IN MOTION (currently in English and French) to reach more youth worldwide. Charitable donations are now being accepted to support new language translations. The cost of a new translation is minimally $2500 - which covers the translator's role to create a fun and memorable acronym suitable to the language, translation of all print and web materials, designer costs, and hosting hard-costs.
Yes, I would like to make a donation to Suddenly Dance Theatre Society. I want to help provide opportunities for dancers and choreographers to improve in their craft; and to support the development, creation, presentation, and preservation of the dance arts!

Donations can also be sent to:

Suddenly Dance Theatre Society
P.O. Box 8184
Victoria, British Columbia
V8W 3R8

Thank you for your donation!
Tax receipts will be issued.
Charities BN/Registration #885685636RR0001


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