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Suddenly Dance Theatre’s


an original dance film installation


* RUSH OF WATER / RUSH OF AIR is available for exhibition, adaptable to architecture and is composer interactive. For information contact:


RUSH OF WATER / RUSH OF AIR is a free outdoor large-scale dance-video installation by Suddenly Dance Theatre on the theme of ‘Gathering’. In reference to Victoria’s origins, the title is inspired by the name given to the ground now called Victoria - in which the First Nations people called “Camosack,” or “rush of water.” The project premiered utilizing the architecture of historic Centennial Square as a projection environment. Using 4 projectors, the impact of the dance was monumental in scale to enliven the square, also known as ‘Spirit Square’. The installation of RUSH OF WATER / RUSH OF AIR acknowledges the etherial elements of dance made of projected light particles, and suggests a poetic metaphor of the ever-changing nature of a public place by using a medium which inhabits the space without leaving a trace.


As a touring work, RUSH OF WATER / RUSH OF AIR may be interpreted for site-specific architecture. The edit or remix of the dance is subject to evolution. As a silent film made for composer interaction, the film may be shown with new musical interpretation, or with its original musical score by Miles Lowry, Joanna Hood and Ajtony Csaba.


RUSH OF WATER / RUSH OF AIR coincided with Suddenly Dance Theatre’s 15th ROMP! and 20th anniversary season, as well as Victoria’s 150th Celebrations. This collaboratively created project features principal co-choreographers/dancers David Ferguson and Jung ah Chung, with Robb Beresford.


Principal co-Choreographers/Dancers:

Jung ah Chung, David Ferguson, Robb Beresford

Producer: David Ferguson

Director: Miles Lowry and David Ferguson

Music: Miles Lowry, Joanna Hood, Ajtony Csaba

Director of Photography: Daniel Carruthers

Producing Partner: Suddenly Media Productions

Associate Producer: Maureen Bradley

Thanks to: Daniel Hogg

Produced with the assistance of BCAC

INNOVATIONS; the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Victoria, and the CFI Hi-Def Story Incubator Laboratory.

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