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an original music-video for Irish singer-songwriter CHIRPY

Created and Directed by David Ferguson


Jooha Lee

Jung ah Chung


Costume Design:

Miles Lowry

Director of Photography: Daniel Carruthers


Brian Globus

Suddenly Dance Theatre presents


an original music-video for CHIRPY

Created and Directed by David Ferguson

In the summer of 2017, Suddenly Dance Theatre’s Artistic co-Directors David Ferguson and Miles Lowry were introduced to the Irish singer-songwriter/producer Chirpy by musician John McGlynn in Dublin, Ireland. Over the course of the evening which included a late night Sunday Night Session at the Stag's Head Pub, a creative opportunity emerged: Chirpy was about to release her debut album and Ferguson/Lowry were about to work with the dynamic Dab Dance Project from South Korea in the creation of the film 'We Are Diamonds' in Victoria, BC. Director David Ferguson saw a way of making a music video for 'Another Version' at the same time as making 'We Are Diamonds'. Playing off the song's themes of duality and self-projection, the video features JOOHA LEE with JUNG AH CHUNG (with unseen imagery from our 2014 outdoor dance-video installation OPHELIA). 


Rebecca Shannon - better known as CHIRPY - is an Irish singer-songwriter and producer from Dublin, Ireland. She began singing with the Irish choral ensemble Anúna upon finishing school at the age of 18. She toured most of the world with the group singing in the choral line-up and featuring as a soloist. She self-released a 6 track demo EP in June 2017 called 'Real Life' which shot straight to the number 1 position on the Irish iTunes album download charts. Her debut album was released in 2018.

Chirpy Video





'In turns soothing yet devastatingly emotional' - Clash Magazine


'An assured debut' - The Irish Times

Ophelia edit CHIRPY 2018doublewhite.jpg



Suddenly Dance Theatre presents

A Suddenly Media Production


an original music-video for Irish singer-songwriter/producer CHIRPY


Directed by David Ferguson

Music by Chirpy


Produced by David Ferguson



Jooha Lee

Jung ah Chung


Director of Photography: 

Daniel Carruthers



David Ferguson



Brian Globus


Costume Design:

Miles Lowry


Suddenly Dance Theatre is a Canadian charitable non-profit society supporting dance, theatre and media arts since 1992. Three related creative projects (OPHELIA; WE ARE DIAMONDS; ANOTHER VERSION) were made possible with support from the BC Arts Council, the City of Victoria, and the CRD Arts Development; from Dance Victoria’s residency program; and the 17th ANTIMATTER. With thanks to: John McGlynn, Rebecca Shannon, Dab Dance Project, Deborah Lowry, Deborah De Boer, Nichola Reddington, George Scott, Rob Storie, Jane Wood, Celine Stubel, and atomique productions for their generous production support.


Special thanks to Suddenly Dance Theatre’s Board of Directors:

Maleea Acker

Christine Fletcher

Mauricio A. Garcia Barrera

Drew Mildon 

Glenn Peers

Irma Soltonovich

Dennett Woodland

Special thanks to Suddenly Dance Theatre's Individual Donors, sponsors, and businesses.


Copyright: Ferguson Lowry

Suddenly Dance Theatre

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Suddenly Dance Theatre is a charitable non-profit society based in Victoria, BC Canada.
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